Preserving and Promoting Jewish Values in Central Maryland

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Central Maryland is devoted to creating a culture of understanding and respect between the Jewish community and other civic, ethnic, and religious groups. The JCRC works to ensure that Jews can maintain their identity and culture. Smith Life Communities is also committed to upholding Jewish values by providing quality living options for older adults and honoring them with dignity. Hebrew Home of Greater Washington is the largest nursing home in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Their long-term care team is devoted to providing person-centered care and award-winning quality. Onsite doctors and nurses make sure that each resident receives the care they need. Smith Life Communities also offers a culture of respect, always promoting the dignity of all older adults. Jewish donors come from a variety of backgrounds, but they tend to share a common set of values when it comes to philanthropy.

These include supporting the Jewish community, preserving Jewish cultural traditions, and promoting Jewish identity. Additionally, many Jewish donors provide grants for refugee aid and global assistance, which is rooted in the cultural traditions of the Jewish diaspora. Other areas of interest for Jewish philanthropists include elementary and secondary education, arts and culture, animals, Bay Area communities, and more. The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust provides grants to organizations that fight for human rights, arts and culture, education, and Jewish causes both in the United States and around the world. The JFN Jewish Donor Network is an international network of over 2,500 private foundations and philanthropists that works to maximize the impact of Jewish philanthropy through research, education, and networking opportunities.

Additionally, hundreds of Jewish federations and community foundations provide grants for Jewish causes at all levels. The Lerner Foundation primarily funds grants related to Jewish causes, health, arts and culture, and education in Ohio and beyond. The foundation of music and film industry magnate David Geffen works broadly in the areas of human rights, women and girls, LGBTQ causes, disease research, arts and culture, criminal justice reform, civic engagement and democracy, and Jewish causes. The Katz Foundation supports Jewish education as well as other causes related to Jews primarily in New Jersey and the tri-state area. The JCRC is comprised of representatives from each Jewish organization or synagogue in Central Maryland; these representatives are appointed by their respective organizations. Through their efforts they work to promote recognition and mutual understanding between the Jewish community and other civic, ethnic, religious communities in order to ensure that Jews are able to maintain their identity.

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