Exploring Jewish Cultural Activities in Central Maryland

The Jewish Museum of Maryland (JMM) is a great place to discover the vibrant culture of the Jewish people. From exhibitions and events to on-site group tours, digital tours, and outreach programs, JMM offers a variety of ways to experience the rich heritage of the Jewish community. This May, the city of Hyattsville is honoring Jewish American Heritage Month to commemorate the achievements of Jewish Americans and their contributions to American culture, society, and history. At JMM, visitors can explore a wide range of exhibitions and events that showcase the diversity and vibrancy of Jewish culture.

From traditional celebrations to modern art installations, there is something for everyone. The museum also provides a variety of educational programs for groups of all ages. Whether you are looking for a guided tour or a self-guided experience, JMM has something for everyone. For more information about group tours and outreach programs, visit the Bring a Group page on the JMM website.

Here you can find out more about the different types of tours available and how to book them. You can also learn more about the museum's educational programs and how to get involved. JMM is an ideal place to explore Jewish culture in Central Maryland. From exhibitions and events to educational programs, there is something for everyone.

So come visit JMM this May and celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month!.

Ankie Groot
Ankie Groot

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