Youth Programs and Initiatives in Central Maryland's Jewish Community

The Jewish Community Center (JCC) is devoted to cultivating a culture of acceptance and diversity within the Jewish community and the wider Baltimore area. They are determined to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive of people of all ages and backgrounds. To this end, they offer a range of programs and initiatives that focus on youth. The JCC's Youth Education Program provides a warm, creative, and vibrant environment for students to learn about Judaism.

They are taught to read Hebrew, recite prayers, and gain an understanding of Jewish tradition. In addition to the online Hebrew curriculum, students also attend Shabbat services, learn about Jewish holidays, values, culture, history, dance, and music. They also dedicate time to building a community. Jewish Community Services and the Circle of Friendship provide additional services and programs for teens and adults. The Baltimore Jewish Skills Alliance website is a great resource for finding more information about these programs. The JCC is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all members of the Jewish community in Central Maryland.

They are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive of people of all ages and backgrounds. The JCC's youth programs are designed to help young people develop a strong sense of identity, build relationships with their peers, and gain an appreciation for their culture. Through these initiatives, students can explore their heritage, learn about their faith, and develop a sense of belonging within the Jewish community. The JCC also offers a variety of activities such as sports leagues, art classes, music lessons, summer camps, and more. These activities provide an opportunity for youth to engage in meaningful activities that foster growth and development. The JCC is committed to providing quality programs that promote inclusion and diversity within the Jewish community.

They strive to create an environment that is welcoming and supportive of all members of the Central Maryland Jewish community.

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