Social Justice Initiatives in the Jewish Community of Central Maryland: A Comprehensive Guide

The Jewish community of Central Maryland is deeply committed to social justice and has a variety of programs and initiatives that focus on this important issue. The Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action (JALSA) is a key organization that works to promote social, economic, environmental, and racial justice based on Jewish values. JALSA's work is based on relationships with coalitions that are led by affected groups. Their campaigns have included fighting voter suppression, defending the right to abortion, preventing evictions, and combating child hunger.

They have also created an initiative for Jews of Color (JoC) that brings together individuals around issues of social justice. Coastal Roots Farm is a non-profit Jewish community farm and educational center located in Encinitas, California. They are dedicated to discussing difficult issues that affect the community and have created secular literacy and peer-mediation programs to empower Mississippi public school students. The Jewish Institute of Southern Justice (ISJL) also provides resources on safety, respect, equity, pronouns and gender identity, conflict resolution, and other topics related to social justice. The Blaustein Philanthropic Group is a constellation of family foundations united by their roots in Jewish tradition and concern for social justice and equal opportunities.

Moving Traditions is another organization that encourages Jewish youth by challenging sexism and establishing connections to Jewish life. The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) Bay Area is a public affairs organization for the Bay Area's organized Jewish community. Mitsui Collective works at the intersection of Jewish well-being, spirituality, connection to nature, and community building. Uri L'Tzedek creates a discourse on social justice and empowers the Jewish community to create a more just world. Adamah launched the Jewish Youth Climate Movement as an effort to mitigate climate change by empowering adolescents and mobilizing communities to act. Shemesh is another organization that works to create a direct and positive impact for the local and global Jewish community.

They are committed to maintaining and redefining the Jewish community during a crisis and for the future. Finally, public health specialists trained by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have led community initiatives in public education for the Alzheimer's Association, pedestrian safety, health equity for the National Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.

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