Exploring the Most Popular Jewish Schools in Central Maryland

Undergraduate students and minors in Jewish studies, as well as other students at the university, can benefit from the programs offered by the Honors Program in Jewish Studies. This program is designed to motivate Jewish studies students with excellent grades and strong academic interests to carry out an individual research project of their own design, in consultation with and under the direction of a teaching advisor. The Organization of Jewish Studies Students (Tzabim) provides non-curricular support to students and minors studying Jewish studies. Every year, the center and its programs offer more than 1500 places in Jewish Studies, Israel Studies, Religious Studies and Hebrew.

Those who wish to specialize in Jewish Studies should meet with the counselor at least once, mainly to declare that they are minors. The Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Center and Program for Jewish Studies offers scholarships for study abroad and special national study programs that have a clear relationship with Jewish studies. The collection includes materials on Jewish history, Hebrew and Yiddish literature, the Bible, the Talmud, medieval philosophy, Jewish women, theater, the Holocaust and modern Israel. The Jewish Studies program has a large and growing Jewish collection in the libraries of the University of Maryland that aims to become an important resource and repository for the entire area.

All Jewish studies students and minors, as well as other students interested in Jewish studies, are encouraged to attend meetings organized by the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies. These meetings provide many opportunities for students to get involved in Jewish studies and related fields. GreatSchools is a leading non-profit organization that provides high-quality information that helps parents get an excellent education for their children, schools that strive for excellence, and communities that work to reduce inequalities in education. During this first meeting with the Jewish Studies advisor, the student will learn about the Four-Year Plan, which is a schedule of classes developed by ARHU and Jewish Studies for the typical Jewish Studies specialization to follow.

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